Tour de Richmond Park

15.8 km 167 m

On the route

Richmond Park is a mecca of cycling in London. The smooth, leafy roads make for a satisfying ride for cyclists of any ability.

The inner Ballet Loop, is perfect for beginners (and those only interested in half laps). It takes in the best of Richmond Park via a quieter road away from the cars. There's a short hill into the woods and a sweeping view of the park as you roll past The Royal Ballet School.

While you can ride either way round the park, going anticlockwise means you'll only ever need to turn left at the corner roundabouts. It's a smoother, simpler ride with less traffic to negotiate. Just keep an eye out for the herds of deer crossing the road and you're golden.

Ride multiple laps to build the distance and speed you want, and then conclude with a trip to Dynamo in Putney. This is one of our favourite cycling cafes in London, complete with indoor bike rack, good beer, and excellent pizza.

Colicci Roehampton Gate, Richmond Park
Pen Ponds Cafe, Richmond Park
The Dynamo, Putney
Roebuck, Richmond
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