Isle of Wight

115.4 km 1,655 m

On the route

The Isle of Wight feels about as far from London as it's possible to get, but is easy to reach in just a couple of hours. Make the effort and you'll be rewarded with winding country lanes, coastal vistas, and fresh seafood aplenty.

Get an early train from Waterloo or Clapham Junction to Portsmouth Harbour. On arrival, change to a Wightlink passenger ferry - the terminal is in the train station - and enjoy the 19 minute crossing to Ryde. Tickets are £10 each way, and bikes go in the racks at the back for no extra charge.

The official Randonee route is well signposted, but this route adds in a pub lunch in Ventnor and a sprint out to the westerly peninsula for a view of The Needles.

The Spyglass Inn, Ventnor
The Codfather, Ryde
Portsmouth Harbour, Portsmouth
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