Against the Grain

137.9 km 1,233 m

On the route

The Isle of Grain is the eastern most point of the Hoo Peninsula, and offers an excellent loop out through the rolling crop fields. Start with a bang up Point Hill, and leave the suburbs behind at Dartford Heath.

Highlights on the way out include the village of Cliffe and Cooling Castle. Once you reach Grain itself, there's one road in and out so expect heavier traffic. Nearing the coast the wind also picks up - at least one way is guaranteed to be a tailwind? Right..?

Grab some snaps at the end, plus snacks from the Co-Op. Then about turn and spin back through the lanes rejoining civilisation near Sidcup. Conclude the loop with a drink at The Cutty Sark in Greenwich.

London Velo Cycle Cafe, Deptford
Six Bells, Cliffe
Co-Op Food, Grain
Leather Bottle, Cobham
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